A2000 Solutions Pte Ltd is a Singapore ERP software developer; providing CRM, Financials, Distribution, Procurement, Point of Sales, Payroll and Inventory Management system that empowers small & medium sized companies for the 21st century marketplace.

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A21 Clarity-SQL ERP / Financial Software

A21 Clarity-SQL is more than financials. It is a Enterprise Resource Software designed to drive your business success; enhancing your competitive advantage by enabling delivery of new services, operational efficiencies, and competitive responses in a swift manner.

A21 Clarity-SQL is well positioned to add real value to your company.

1. Complete Integrated Solution

A21 Clarity-SQL is a real time & online  integrated solution that is approved by IRAS for GST tax reporting compliance. It is modular yet tightly integrated for optimal performance. Mix-and-match modules that is required and upgrade anytime.

   Ledger, Receivable & Payable
  Cash/Bank Book
   Distribution – Sales
  Distribution – Purchase
   Inventory Management
  Point of Sales / Mobile PDA Apps
   Contact Management
   Fixed Assets
  Business Analytics

2. Application of Technologies

A21 Clarity-SQL keeps abreast of technologies and undergo constant product upgrades, enhancements & optimization. It is tested to support Win XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8; including Windows 2008 servers.

Developed using 100% Microsoft tools , we digest what technologies has to offer and transform them into practical solutions for customers.

3. Internet & LAN Connectivity

A21 Clarity-SQL is a client server application; network traffic is generally reduced compared to other LAN-based accounting software. With server based procedures & triggers performance is enhanced and data corruption vulnerability reduced.

A21 Clarity-SQL can operate remotely via an Internet connections; great for multi-offices and operations even over different countries.

4. Secure, Stable & Robust

A21 Clarity-SQL protects your company from data leakage with the robust & secured MS SQL Server®. Data access is restricted and users cannot access the raw data directly.

Security settings down to the transaction level with customizable menu that block unauthorized users. Active date ranges ensure transactions are kept within permissible dates. Set a block if customer credit limits & days are breached.

5. Zero-Error Tolerance

Some users may fail to follow procedure; some may forget to save a transaction that results in erroneous postings at times. Every piece of data adds up to form the big picture; and the integrity of data is important.

A21 Clarity-SQL incorporates a full suite of diagnostic tools to track almost every conceivable data problem that may arise due to hardware and network aberrations - resulting in a zero-error tolerance system for better reliability!

6. Advanced Multi-Currency

Keep your account book in any base currency. Allows unlimited numbers of foreign bank accounts and manage unlimited transaction currencies.

Store daily exchange rates for each currency; transact sales & purchases in any currency and receive/pay in any currency with automatic recognition of foreign exchange gain/loss.

7. Hundreds of Useful Reports

With constant enhancements and feedback from users, A21 Clarity-SQL provides almost all the reports you will ever need and more. There are hundreds of useful standard reports like debtors ageing, stock valuation & ageing, financial statements, creditor reports, trial balance GST Form 5 etc - all right there for you to click & use!

8. Flexible & Powerful Workflow

A21 Clarity-SQL delivers business-critical workflow & functions to growing companies. It is designed to manage orders, track movements of stocks and manage customers & suppliers transparently in one reliable, robust, flexible and high performance system.

It is an open period solution that enables you to transact, store and analyze more data over a wider time frame for better decision-base analysis.

9. OLAP Decision Support Tool

A21 Clarity-SQL provides complete financial visibility for company owners and financial managers. Financial accounting is made easy, fast and accurate. Built-in user defined parameters allows for very flexible implementation and powerful reporting.

With OLAP capabilities, you can slice & dice information about your products, customers, suppliers and products to analyze more effectively. With A21 Clarity-SQL, you always know the complete picture.

10. Customizable Documents

With a built-in Document Designer, A21 Clarity-SQL let you customize the layout of all transaction documents; invoices, D/Os, payment vouchers, stock transfers, purchase orders, customer statements, remittance advice and cheques etc. Insert or delete fields, company logo, print in color at will.  Map multiple document designs to each transaction or user. Unprecedented flexibility!

11. Concurrent Multi-Users

A21 Clarity-SQL can handle easily more than 100 concurrent users; allows multiple users to operate any module at the same time for higher throughput. Supported by extensive security and multi-tasking features, it enable you to maintain security, data integrity & control over your operation.

12. Extensive Technical Support

We provide onsite & classroom trainings, do  remote, web based and field support for our customers. Customers all over Singapore has given acclaim to our support level; and we are proud to continue the tradition to serve you well. Never selling you a solution and wishing you all the best. Try us for service par excellence!

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updated April 2012

Systems Requirement

The recommended requirements to run A21 Clarity-SQL are:
  • Pentium-4 class computer with CD/DVD-ROM drive
  • Microsoft® Win XP SP2, Server 2003, Server 2008, Win Vista, Win 7 & 8
  • Microsoft® MS SQL Server 2008 or 2012
  • 3 GB of RAM (Client Station)
  • 4 GB RAM (Server)
  • 16-bit screen colors with minimum 1024 x 768 pixels resolution
  • 2 GB free hard disk space for installation of application & MS SQL Server database
  • Mouse, Data backup device

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