A2000 Solutions Pte Ltd is a Singapore accounting software developer; providing ERP solution, financial accounting software, sales and distribution software, point of sales, payroll and inventory management system that empowers small and medium sized companies.

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There is a global need for business accounting software with proven track record. The market for A21 branded enterprise products and Smartledgerô Accounting Software for small-medium sized companies is worth billions of dollars worldwide. Our goal is to team up with established distributors, sales professionals and manufacturer representatives to deliver premium quality software throughout the world.

Who Are We?

Established since 1996, we develops cutting-edge accounting and productivity-improvement software for small-medium sized industries.

Taking a pragmatic approach to technology adoption, ensuring quality and a focus on innovation, A2000 provides the most effective business management software to improve the productivity and performance of SMEs It is easy to learn, quick to implement and a stable system that complies with statutory reporting; thus offering a compelling approach with unique business benefits to users.

Our affordable products are used in many industries; namely F&B, trading & distribution, IT, finance, transportation, aerospace, health, biotech, education, oil & gas, media and retail.

In order to focus on development and exploit opportunities beyond our ASEAN markets, we are seeking established distributors in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Distributor Rewards

High Commissions and Growth Possibilities
Our distributors enjoy a high commission that grows substantially with volume. With a track record in client retention our software products are ideal for market share gains, up-selling, cross-selling and co-branding.

Comprehensive Training Benefits
We are committed to support our distributors with an advanced training program focusing on product knowledge, success stories and competitive intelligence to get and keep repeat-business customers.

Great Selling Propositions
Our distributors are armed with powerful real world testimonies and demonstrable selling propositions to handle objection, break resistance, build trust and convince prospects.

Complementing Product Offerings
Our distributors have a distinct advantage over their competitors as we we strive to deliver better and lower cost products to complement their sales. A sales made means there are more opportunities on the way as we launch Internet and mobile based applications to our software products.

How to Apply as Distributor?

It is easy. Simply send an e-mail to us; detailing your company profile, business infrastructure, market base and experience in selling to corporate clients. We will contact you promptly to discuss all available options. Click to send email.

We will work closely with you so that a win-win proposition can be formed. Together, we can build a genuine and strong partnership that is mutually rewarding for us as well as your customers.


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