A2000 Solutions Pte Ltd, a Singapore ERP software company, providing business accounting software, training and implementation, mobile, CRM, POS and inventory management systems; that empowers SME businesses in the 21st century market place

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Partnership Program - Benefits of Working with A2000 Solutions

Great Reasons to Work with A2000!

ERP & Accounting software from A2000 Solutions Pte Ltd represents a profitable business opportunity for partners who have experience in the accounting solutions market.

Becoming a A2000 Business Partner will provide you with a tremendous opportunity to enhance your company’s market position as well as profitability!

Benefits to Work with A2000 Solutions

The A2000 Business Partner Program is a business opportunity specifically designed to give our partners a healthy profit; and where it makes sense to go forward with us in a win-win arrangement.

With R&D behind our accounting software since 1996, we found our niche in real-time solution for SMEs. A21 has many advantages over our competitors, and thus represent a significant & profitable product for both A2000 Solutions and her business partners.


A Product That Sells!

A2000 is established as a player with integrity and good product support since our incorporation. We are fanatical about enhancing our products to improve the lives of our customers - and we have been doing this consistently since 1996. The A2000 Partner guiding principle is that we succeed because our partners and customers achieve success first.

You Can Compete – With Our Help!

Under the A2000 Partner Program, only a limited number of channel partners are appointed within the same geographical location. We try to ensure that the pie remains big for each channel partner. We help you compete with other products and not with other A2000 partners. Lead referrals are also provided to qualified partners. Partners also enjoy exposure when A2000 conducts her marketing activities.

We Make Sure You Earn More!

The A2000 Partner Program aim to provide attractive channel partner margins. Above the basic discounts, additional "volume incentive" is also provided. The Volume Incentive has been specifically designed to allow A2000 Partners to earn additional margin to help finance their ongoing commitment to A21.

You Can Taste Recurring & Incremental Revenue!

A2000 Partners can tap on our software sales for additional services that customers will need. Ranging from IT upgrades, networking, Internet infrastructure, professional services and hosting etc, our partners have many opportunities to increase revenue.
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