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AvantPOS - the web based point of sales software
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AvantPOS™ Point of Sales

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Web-based Point of Sales Software

In the 21st century retail environment, retailers cannot afford to use a manual recording system to compete effectively. Cash registers are no longer an option for many retail operations. Retailers need the extra advantage to be profitable. AvantPOS™ Point of Sales gives you that distinct advantage over your competition.

AvantPOS™ is an Internet based application, designed to be an fast-to-learn, easy-to-use and most of all, a system packed with POWER.

Clean-cut user interface makes using it a breeze for your store operations. With AAvantPOS™ you have a cost effective way to increase your profits by keeping your inventory costs down, reduce theft and increase cashier throughput. Tracking sales and inventory, creating membership accounts, database look ups and managing your store’s accounts books are just a few of the features of AvantPOS™.

A True Multi-Location POS Solution

AvantPOS™ is designed for both single or chain-stores. Through an Internet server, it is a central database information system assessable through an Internet connection. Sales analysis and inventory tracking across all locations are real time.

Through using the Internet, you have an immediate return on investment by cutting travel costs associated with running and monitoring stores outside your normal operating area. Having a store located far away does not affect access to information or control of the business. Data of geographically separated stores are right at your finger tips.

AvantPOS™ is the ideal solution for multi-location retailers.

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