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AvantPOS - the web based point of sales software
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AvantPOS™ - Product Benefits

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Benefits that Make Sense for Your Business

AvantPOS™ is your best possible choice for POS because:

  1. EASY TO LEARN & STARTUP: with interactive and concise data entry screens, complemented with good user documentation, you can be up and running without much problems.

  2. MORE HAPPY CUSTOMERS: With AvantPOS, you can serve your customers faster, easier with scanning of items' barcodes and touch screen.

  3. FULLY INTEGRATED WITH A21 SMARTLEDGER ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE: Every POS transaction is posted to accounts, updating the inventory automatically. Dramatically reduce data entry time by 95% and increase productivity & efficiency.

  4. BUNDLE PROMOTIONS: Set bundle promotions by period, branch, festival discounts, membership discounts, etc.

  5. EXPAND EASILY: Any growth in retail location or product SKU are easily handled by the robust and fast centralized MS SQL Server database in the web server) that AvantPOS operates in.

  6. HIGHER SALES: Analyze consumer buying patterns, cross-sell and upsell your members across multiple outlets.

  7. REDUCE STOCK WASTAGE: Analyze sales pattern, determine which items are selling and which aren't. Aids on stocking decisions.

  8. NO MORE OUT-OF-STOCK SITUATIONS: Retrieve real-time stock balances, sales & collections. Immediate flag for reordering low-stock items.

  9. GRAPHICAL ANALYSIS REPORTS: Generates intelligent reports for analysis and make better business decisions to drive growth.

  10. MULTIPLE PAYMENT MODES: Supports up to 7 payment modes (CSH, NETS, Credit Card, Credit Memos, Membership Accounts, Coupons, Vouchers)

  11. WALLET-FRIENDLY TOTAL SOLUTION: AvantPOS™ is real-time. Track sales & inventory and create membership accounts across multiple retail outlets.

  12. FREE UPDATES & UPGRADES : AvantPOS offers free upgrades several times a year when you opt for the full support package.

  13. SOLID SERVICE SUPPORT PLAN: A peace of mind to entrust your retail operations to AvantPOS. Optional 24/7 support available.

    Help Desk: We provide an Online Support Center during normal office hours, on-line web support or 24 hour hot-line support (optional service) to correct system issues, problem rectification or suggest methods of recovery due to any failure or errors.

    Onsite Support: We provide upon request of the customer, technical on site attendance after office hours, Saturday, Sundays and Public Holidays.

    Response Time : For all normal technical calls will be prompt but shall not in any event exceeds 24 hours.

    Free Loan : For customer under support plan or warranty, a loan of POS equipment upon hardware failure up to a period of 14 days. 

Functional Features

AvantPOS™ is designed for both single or chain-stores. Through an Internet server, it is a central database information system assessable through an Internet connection. Sales analysis and inventory tracking across all locations are real time.

Through using the Internet, you have an immediate return on investment by cutting travel costs associated with running and monitoring stores outside your normal operating area. Having a store located far away does not affect access to information or control of the business. Data of geographically separated stores are right at your finger tips.

AvantPOS™ is the ideal solution for multi-location retailers.

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