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Products and Services AvantPOS™ Point of Sales Leasing Plan

AvantPOS™ - Leasing Plan (ALP)

If your retail operation needs access to the best equipments, without tying down cash flow, then the ALP is the right solution for you. ALP offers your business a competitive edge by minimizing tax liability, conserving credit and capital, and protecting against equipment obsolescence. It is a convenient way to acquire the equipment your business needs - without all the hassles. (Note *- these leasing plans are structured through authorized leasing companies approved by the Government to conduct such practices)

Advantages of AvantPOS™ Leasing Plan

Minimize Impact on Cash Flow
You can structure payments to meet your cash flow planning needs. Leasing can be great for seasonal or cyclical businesses that prefer to schedule payments during peak cash flow periods.

Conserve Capital and Credit
Your lines of credit and sources of capital aren't tied up in equipment. Instead, they're available in cash for opportunities such as retail inventory, marketing, or personnel.

100% financing
In addition to financing 100% of the software & equipment, you can include "soft" costs (up to 10% of the equipment cost) such as sales tax, shipping, training, maintenance and installation into the lease.

Tax benefits
For certain leases, you can deduct monthly lease payments as an operating expense. Reduce your income tax exposure.

Options for Purchase or Renewal
At the end of the lease you may choose to purchase your equipment, upgrade it, or continue to lease it. Or, if you're done with the equipment, return it.

Reduced paperwork & approval time
No hassles for you. We take care of the paperwork for you, and lease credit decisions can be made within 2 working days. Transactions up to $20,000 require completion of only a simple, one-page application form.

Immediate use of equipment
After your lease documents are signed, your equipment can be delivered within a week. It's that easy!

Protection against obsolescence
High tech equipment often obsolete in two-to-four years. You can upgrades and renew equipment by modifying your lease arrangement to keep your company on the leading edge. Plus, if you want to acquire complementary equipment, you can arrange for both equipment leases to end at the same time.

Improved Balance Sheet Ratios
Unlike the traditional methods of financing, operating lease obligations generally are not capitalized, improving balance sheet ratios.

Reduced Interest Rate Risk
By locking in fixed payments now, you can avoid the risk of inflation in the future.

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