A2000 Solutions Pte Ltd is a Singapore accounting software developer; providing ERP solution, financial accounting software, sales and distribution software, point of sales, payroll and inventory management system that empowers small and medium sized companies.

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Product Information

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (click on the question for answer)

   What can A21 Clarity-SQL do for us?

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   What Windows O/S does A21 Clarity-SQL runs on?

   What kind of database does A21 Clarity-SQL use?

   Do I need to buy Microsoft SQL Server license?

   How long does it takes to complete A21 Clarity-SQL training?

   How long have your company been established?

   What are the system requirements to install A21 Clarity-SQL?

   What is the price range for A21 Clarity-SQL?

   How do we justify to buy A21?


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