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A21 Multidimensional OLAP

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A21 Multidimensional OLAP provides powerful analytics that transforms raw data into meaningful intelligence. Critical management decisions can be made on easily extracted information from your transactions.

Powerful data views enable you to slice and dice your data whichever way needed. Your reports are automatically refreshed when the data is updated. A21 Multidimensional OLAP that has all the complexities taken out; and only time-saving analytics that lets you to understand your business better.


Make Better Informed, Quicker and Confident Decisions
A21 Multidimensional OLAP is an easy to use business intelligence tool that allows you to "mine" the huge amount of valuable data in A21 Clarity-SQL ERP/Accounting system. Multi-dimensional analysis means that data can be easily viewed from different angles. For example sales by territory, product, customer and month can be “sliced” or “diced” anyway needed to be meaningful.

Report & Analyze with MS Excel
A21 Multidimensional OLAP brings business data into the familiar Microsoft Excel environment allowing quick analysis of company data from many different angles. The features of Excel, such as ease of formatting, calculations and macros can all be used to enhance the reports created using A21 Multidimensional OLAP.

Save Time & Getting Error-free Power Reporting
A21 Multidimensional OLAP provides a superior alternative to complex spreadsheet reporting. With simple drag & drop of reporting parameters, you get powerful rendition of different outputs to meet management analysis needs ; bypassing the complex and time consuming spreadsheets which often are error-prone, requires manual intervention and extensive manipulations.

Dynamic Charts
With OLAP reports, users can generate dynamic charts based on results of your OLAP grid. Instantaneous charting give you a graphical representation of data that is easily understood.

Immediate Out-of-the-Box Pre-defined Reports
A21 Multidimensional OLAP is supplied with pre-defined analytic views allowing you to start analyzing and understand financial and commercial information within your A21 Clarity-SQL database. For example - Profit & Loss by cost centre and department, Sales by Customer by Month, Stock Valuation last 3 months, Trend In Overdue orders and Stock Movements by Product Group - and many more.

The strongest benefit of A21 Multidimensional OLAP is the powerful OLAP views it provides for users, even those who are not trained to handle database queries.


OLAP means "online analytical processing". It is the technology that enables dynamic visualization and analysis of data.

Typical OLAP tools include "OLAP cubes" and pivot tables such as the ones provided by Microsoft Excel. These tools take large sets of data and summarize it by grouping records based on a set of criteria. For example, an OLAP cube might summarize sales data grouping it by product, region, and period. In this case, each grid cell would display the total sales for a particular product, in a particular region, and for a specific period. This cell would normally represent data from several records in the original data source.

A21 Multidimensional OLAP allow users to redefine these grouping criteria dynamically (on-line), making it easy to perform ad-hoc analysis on the data and discover hidden patterns. For example, consider the following table on the right:

Now suppose you were asked to analyze this data and answer questions such as:

Are sales going up or down?
Which products are most important to the company?
Which products are most popular in each region?

In order to answer these simple questions, you would have to summarize the data to obtain tables such as these:

  Sales by Date and by Product

  Sales by Product and by Region

Each cell in the summary tables represents several records in the original data source, where one or more values fields are summarized (sum of sales in this case) and categorized based on the values of other fields (date, product, or region in this case).

This can be done easily in a spreadsheet, but the work is tedious, repetitive, and error-prone. Even if you wrote a custom application to summarize the data, you would probably have to spend a lot of time maintaining it to add new views, and users would be constrained in their analyses to the views that you implemented.

A21 Multidimensional OLAP allow users to define the views they want interactively, in ad-hoc fashion. They can use pre-defined views or create and save new ones. Any changes to the underlying data are reflected automatically in the views, and users can create and share reports showing these views.

In short, this is a tool that provides flexible and efficient data analysis.

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