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Retail Point of Sales Accounting System

AvantPOS Point of Sale is a web-based retail management system that supports barcode scanners, cash drawers, credit card swipes and pole displays. Designed to replace standalone cash registers or retail software, AvantPOS Point of Sales Software will give you the edge over your competition with real time visibility of your sales and the information required to make smart merchandising decisions.

AvantPOS Point of Sale software Features

Easy to learn screens
New employee/cashiers can start processing transactions within minutes with clear and easy to understand screens. Supports touch screen access, mouse or keyboard entries. Shortcut keys and Transaction-Hold feature will help keep your checkout lines moving quickly.

Barcode and Inventory Tracking
Create item labels with AvantPOS and use a barcode scanner to record items at the time of sale. Barcodes will cut down item mistakes, reduce entry time and will help your cashiers sell items quickly and accurately. Product quantity even if there are multiple outlets  will always be up to date and sold for the right price.

Gift Vouchers
Increase revenue opportunities by offering gift cards to your customers. Just swipe the gift card at the time of sale to redeem it much like a credit card payment. Gift vouchers are a proven way to generate profitable, incremental sales and attract new customers. They have lots of upside for your business; 50% of customers using gift cards spend more than is on the card to buy things that were unplanned.

Credit Card Processing
Swipe credit card details to quickly capture payments and get the best rate on processing fees. Payment details are captured and recorded in AvantPOS Point of Sale software to eliminate errors and the time required to reconcile separate systems.

Cash Drawer Management
Sales and returns at each point of sale terminal are recorded into a unique cash drawer that can be easily reconciled at the end of an employee's shift. Quickly compare the contents of a drawer to the AvantPOS report to identify discrepancies in cash receipts.

Customer history and account management
Capture customer details at the time of sale so they can be targeted with future promotions and marketing campaigns. Customers can even be sold products "on account" where they pay later. Integration with AvantPOS accounting functionality makes it easy to offer this service and provides you with the necessary control and visibility of customer balances.

Pricing, Promotions and Up sell Items
Product prices are automatically determined when a product is scanned or added to a transaction. Payment details are captured and recorded in AvantPOS software to eliminate errors and the time required to reconcile separate systems. Price details can also be overridden manually by staff with the appropriate security access.

Hardware Integration
Support for barcode scanners, cash drawers, credit card swipes and pole displays allows you to provide a complete retail experience to shoppers using hardware that is tested for compatibility with AvantPOS.

Integrated Accounting
Every payment and sales is can be recorded in the AvantPOS general ledger. No time has to be wasted uploading files to a separate system or with manual bookkeeping activities.

Other Integrated Features
AvantPOS has many other POS software features that will help take your business to new heights. Contact us today for a demo.

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