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Products and Services ORION B2B Web Order E-Commerce System

ORION B2B Web Order

ORION B2B Web Order and E-Commerce System helps you enhance your profits through the Internet.
  • Business information like industry trends, statistics, pricing, product specifications and features etc are a common feature of the Internet. Many companies are using the Internet to source, purchase and trade.

  • High technology has accelerated the pace of business. With speed and real time updates, this means that your clients can expect to enquire, place an order; views order status and view all kinds of information themselves via the Internet.

Functional Details

A21 B2B Web Commerce System acts like your Internet storefront to handle your worldwide business at any time of the day. Your clients will find it easy to place order and check order status via the Internet. A21 Web Order System comprises E-RFQ, E-Requisition, E-Approval, E-Ordering, E- Acknowledgment, E-Fulfillment and E-Query.

If you already have an A21 accounting running, setting up E-business capability is as easy as buying another add-on module. The data structures can transparently be upgraded using our data utility and you will be reaching out to the world in no time.

What does ORION B2B Web Commerce System comprise?

  • Online Price Enquiry System
  • Online Quotation System
  • Online Customer Query System
  • Online Product Catalog
  • Administration Function to manage users, orders, products, prices, graphic files etc.
  • Customer reports via browsers from back-end accounting system
  • Web sales order integrate with accounting backend, with tracking on pending orders
  • MailREADY to send newsletters, promotions, statements and product info by email.
  • FaqREADY to maintain questions about the company, products or technical information.
  • NewsREADY to maintain the news section of the company's web site ensuring updated news.

Check back here, as more details on our A21 B2B Web Commerce System gets better by the weeks!

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