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Singapore Accounting SoftwareSmartLedger Ver 11
is a software designed with "your growth" in mind.

When you are not ready for a full blown ERP accounting software, buying a smaller software means you face the hassles of "migrating system" later on; usually a painful exercise involving data entries, user re-learning and down-time.

In Smartledger, you get a SQL accounting software at price a fraction of big-sized system and an upgrade path that is assuredly simple - because moving to our enterprise class A21 Clarity-SQL is transparently easy without all the related problems of data migration, relearning and re-entry.

With its big array of features, you will find that our power-packed Smartledger is all an accounting software Singapore and Malaysian companies need.


IRAS approved for PIC Grant

Since 2009, Smartledger Ver 9.04 had been approved by IRAS and compliant with the latest Singapore GST Tax Guide for GST-registered companies.

Smartledger also complies with Malaysia GST and can generate the GAF required by Royal Malaysian Kastam.

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A21 Smartledger SQL Accounting

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Smartledger - Singapore Accounting Software

A21 Smartledger SQL is a powerful business accounting software for growing small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). It is a fully integrated and real time business accounting software designed to provide complete financial visibility.

Smartledger - Singapore Accounting SoftwareDeveloped since 2002, Smartledger is Singapore accounting software at its best. It is a time-tested and robust Windows-based multi-user accounting software that runs on MS SQL Server database.  Today it supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating environment.

Supported operating systems are: Windows XP, Win Server 2003, Win Server 2008, Win Server 2012, Win Vista™, Win 7 and Win 8 environment.

Smartledger Accounting in Singapore is sold together with training and implementation qualifies under Singapore PIC Grant (Productivity and Innovation Credit), given out by IRAS (Singapore).


To cater to a broader market with varying needs, A21 Smartledger Ver. 11 accounting software is currently available in 3 different editions:

  • BASIC Edition - basic multi-currency accounting software without inventory module.  Fully compliant with Singapore GST requirements, it comes with invoicing option; it is an easy accounting software suitable for service based businesses as well as for small firms whose needs are simply accounting functions. 

  • STANDARD Edition - a full business accounting software for small business enterprises with inventory (comes with all features of BASIC Edition). Comes with single-user license, it comes with a basic inventory management system and MIS analysis reports. It is suitable for companies with basic inventory control in a single warehouse.

  • PREMIER Edition - full business accounting solution comes with comprehensive inventory management software features (comprises all features of STANDARD Edition). Regarded as an ERP accounting software by users, this version comes with a provision to increase concurrent users up to 20. It incorporate an advance inventory management system and MIS analysis reports. It is suitable for companies needing advanced inventory control with multiple warehouses. Smartledger PREMIER also comes with option packs which allows advanced operations to be carried out within the accounting system - making it a top business management tool for business owners.


We had listed 50 GREAT BENEFITS explaining why Smartledger Accounting Ver. 11 is the top choice accounting software in Singapore for many companies!

These are real world benefits that translate into tangible cost saving, management control, growth catalyst and revenue enhancer for you.

Make it your 1st choice Singapore Accounting Software today! Download the PDF file HERE


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