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Products and Services SMART HRMS Payroll & HR Software


SMART HRMS, developed in Singapore, is the most affordable & power packed web-based Payroll and HR application in the market today - from just $18/- per mth. Use SMART HRMS & save up to 85% of software licensing cost.

  • No need to buy licenses

  • No maintenance fees

  • No professional fees

  • No servers

  • No expensive trainings

  • Fully secured 256-bit SSL transactions

  • With SMART HRMS, you can concentrate on your business instead of your software and security issues. Call for more info!

Developed on Microsoft ASP.NET and C# platform, SMART HRMS provide you a great & future-proof web based Payroll/HR system.

- has redefine payroll applications by simplifying the processing. For Singapore companies dealing with complex shift management, CPF (calculations by age breaks, for PR and citizens etc), we have made such payroll simpler, more accurate and convenient.

Employee management like leaves, advances, loans etc are part and parcel of any company's routine and we provide integration of the payroll functions with this HR requirement. In short, we bring superb savings for you.


  • Payroll processing
  • Leave management
  • Staff advances & loan management
  • Monthly/daily/hourly rated salaries
  • Caters to multiple shift (working groups) for each employees
  • User definable OT and shift rates
  • Project costing - track employees by projects
  • Automatic bonus & pro-rata calculations of newly-joined/resigned workers
  • Track work permit expiry
  • Print checks or electronic bank submission
  • Unlimited allowances & deductions to cater for the most complex remuneration plan
  • Load your letterhead & logo into your pay slip format
  • Sealed envelops, pay slips and/or email pay-slips
  • Time management system integration
  • Audit trail of payroll transactions
  • Real time updates
  • Data import and export feature
  • Web-based system work on any Internet browsers
  • Fully secured server with encryption on database & 256-bit SSL protection
  • Monthly subscription as low as S$19/- monthly. Check our COST ADVANTAGE.
  • Easy to use - learn to use within 1 hour

Note (*) SMART HRMS - PAYROLL for Singapore complies with all statutory payroll regulations relating to CPF, CDAC, MBMF, SINDA, ECF, SHARE, FWL, SDL, NS Pay, NWC, Direct Deposit to Bank GIRO, CPF contribution via CPF PAL-Internet, IRAS IR8A, IR8S and IR21.



SMART HRMS - PAYROLL is easy to use with intuitive and functional screens:

Clean cut screen with easy to navigate drop-down menu and calendar functions

Create shifts and generate pay-slips at the click of a mouse.

Powerful leave management module that integrates with the pay slip calculations

Employee master screen that allows upload of photograph



Compared with traditional software packages, with SMART HRMS - PAYROLL you are assured of fantastic savings! Take a look at these comparisons. Assumption: Subscription plan - $48/- per mth (25 employees) or $576 per year:

First Year
If you buy a full payroll & HR software with annual maintenance plan, the investment will come to about $6,000 for Year 1.

Comparatively, SMART HRMS will cost you only $876/- (based on $48/- per month in subscription) to start off. That is a saving of 85.4% immediately.

If Amortized over 3 Years
If you amortize that same payroll system over 3 years, and pay for 3 years of annual maintenance fees, your investment would amount to $9,000.

Comparatively, SMART HRMS will cost you only $2,028 over the 36 months; giving a whopping saving of 77.5% still.

Any which way you go, SMART HRMS is the most economical choice for you.

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