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A21 Cloud Server Backup

DATA LOSS Are Caused By Hard Disk Crash/Viruses
..and it can also happen to YOU! Avoid such PAINFUL situation now!

Automated daily backup with email confirmation

Backup SQL Server  with users logged-on

Local and Offsite
Backup Capabilities!



Securing Your Data For Business Continuity

MS SQL Server databases are secured & robust; and cannot be backup using traditional file-copy utilities. These “open files” will fail during copy unless the SQL Server service is stopped. This burdensome stop-start process often result in users forgetting to backup their data. When  hard disk crashes or virus strikes at a time when backup lapsed, it can cause serious downtime for your business.

We provide consultancy to setup a burden-less, automated & unattended backup solution; that works even when users are logged on. These backed-up (encrypted & compressed) data files may also be sent to a secured remote FTP server via Internet, and act as your Offsite Data Storage.

Our SQL Server & FTP Backup package includes:

  1. Review your data backup requirement and advise an appropriate policy to implement.

  2. Install and setup software + backup policy for your A21 or POS databases in the server (including offsite FTP storage if you sign up the Advance Package)
SQL Local Package
 1. SQL Server & FTP
     Software + Install
     + Configuration
 2. Backup Consultation
 3. Installation & Setup
 4. 1 x 500GB External
     USB Hard Disk Drive

$495 (Offer)

SQL Cloud Package
 1. SQL Server & FTP
     Software + Install
     + Configuration
 2. Backup Consultation
 3. Installation & Setup
 4. 1 x 500GB External
     USB Hard Disk Drive
 5. 20-GB Secured-FTP
     Storage Space (*)

$855 (Offer)*

(*) Secured FTP space for Advanced Plan above is for 12 months. Subsequent renewal is $30 monthly


How Does It Work?

When you sign up, our Tech Specialist will visit you and study your backup regime. They will recommend the best option and duration of backup files to store. The overall flow works like this:- 

Once it is setup, the program will trigger at a time  predetermined by you, the whole backup procedure. Usually it is set to run between 11pm to 3am where Internet bandwidth is not affected by the backup process. The program will compress the data and backup a local copy (in a USB hard disk) and a copy will be sent to the data center via FTP. You are thus assured of one copy of off-site backup, should any incident happen in your office.

As a customer you will get a link eg: http://yourcompany.a2000StoreHub.com where you can access your own data backed-up. Should you need to restore the data, simply login and select which set is needed for restoration.

Is The Data Secured?

Yes, it is encrypted and compressed when sent to our data center. You are the only one who has access to the compressed databases stored in our server. Not even our staffs has the ability to open your files.

What is the Cost of Renewal?

The initial payment is for setting up the database server and connectivity; and also covers the first year of storage. Subsequent renewals is at a low cost of $30 per month.

Why is Off-site Backup Important for You?

We have heard of many incidents of fire and theft. From servers being carted off by thieves to entire building burning down, it has happened to our client base.

We seen businesses crashing because fire had destroyed not just their office and stocks, but every bit of documentations, data backup disks and records of debtors owing. Their business was paralyzed because they did not have off-site backup. For those with an off-site backup policy, their business operation can resume within 24 hours of data restoration.

Whether they want to subscribe to our A2000 Cloud Backup Service or not, we strongly advocate that all users maintain a disciplined regime of off-site backup.

What is the Benefit of A2000 Cloud Data Backup Service?

Not every users are given access to the server to perform backup or admin work there. As such in many SMEs, this job is delegated to only some trusted people. This then becomes a burden of the appointed staff to ensure backup is done. Should they travel or forgotten to perform the task, the company is left in a vulnerable situation.

A2000 Cloud Backup Service provides the peace of mind for you. You get to know that it will be done diligently 7 days a week, 365 days a year without ever forgetting to do so or complaining. And because we setup the system for you, with your Administrator credentials, there is no risk of data being compromised or stolen from your physical backup disk.

Indeed A2000 Cloud Backup is the choice for hundreds of satisfied clients today!

TO PLACE ORDER, CONTACT:  A2000 IT Services Dept

Tel: +65 6720 2000
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(*) Promotion price valid from 1-03-2014 to 31-5-2014 only

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