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Accounting Software Assistance Scheme

Claim up to S$1,500 from Accounting Software Assistance Scheme to buy an accounting software...

From 1 July 2009 till 31 March 2012, you can apply for a grant to defray the costs of using accounting software that complies with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore's (IRAS) e-Tax Guide.

You may want to know:
  1. How does A21 Financial Accounting help my company?
  2. What is the mechanism of this Accounting Assistance Scheme?
  3. How do we qualify, and can we claim up to 100% subsidy?

We have the answers for you.
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Infocomm@SME - Accounting Software Assistance Scheme

This is an assistance scheme for SMEs that are registered for Goods-and-Services Tax (GST) to purchase and put into use the accounting software listed under the IRAS Accounting Software Register.

For who?

All businesses that are registered for Goods-and-Services Tax (GST) with IRAS and wish to set up or improve their accounting system.

For What?

To defray part of the costs to setting up an accounting system in your company

How to qualify?
  1. Your business must be registered or incorporated in Singapore with:
  • Local equity/shareholding of at least 30%
  • Group fixed assets worth less than S$15 million*
  • Group employment of less than 200 employees*
    (for companies in the services/non-manufacturing sector)
    1. Your business is GST-registered and will remain GST-registered for 12 months or more after your application for this assistance scheme. For information on getting your business registered for GST, you can refer to the IRAS website to find out the pre-requisites and process for GST registration.

    1. The business is currently not using any accounting software or system, and the business has not applied for, obtained, or will be obtaining any other tax/financial assistance (i.e. subsidy/grant) for software performing the same function.

    1. The accounting software must be listed in the IRASí Accounting Software Register.

    1. The business must email a copy of the IRAS Audit File (IAF) generated by the accounting software which covers data for one GST prescribed accounting period, to IRAS.

    * Computed on a group basis i.e. checking up to 3 levels for corporate
       shareholders holding 20% or more of the total shareholding in the company
       and 1 level down where the company holds more than 50% of the shareholding
       in a subsidiary company.

    # Details of the scheme are subjected to changes according to IDA and IRAS.

    How Much?

    The Accounting Software Scheme defrays up to 50% of the qualifying costs of the following items, capped at S$1,500 per SME:

    • Accounting software listed in IRAS Accounting Software Register
    • Installation/deployment of the accounting software, and
    • Training on the use of the accounting software

    Things to Note

    • This grant is valid for application from 1 July 2009 to 31 March 2012.

    • You must submit the application form to Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and await IDA's approval before purchasing the accounting software.

    • This grant is given on a reimbursement basis. Full and complete payment of all costs involved must be made prior to claim submission.

    To know more about the grant, please fill in the form below:


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