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Technology Innovation Programme (TIP)

Provides technology consultancy services, expert help and funding support for Singapore-based SMEs.

To accelerate technology adoption in your business operations, SPRING has launched the Technology Innovation Programme (TIP) to provide the vital support and resources you need. more of the total shareholding in the company and one level down where the company holds more than 50% of the shareholding in a subsidiary company.

TIP will help SMEs apply technology for process and product innovation. We can help you to :

  • Identify the right technology platforms

  • Find experts who will work with you on research and development projects

  • Get the information, advice and partners you need to make the best possible use of technology
  • Technology Innovation Projects

    You can get a grant to defray the cost of undertaking projects in Singapore which involve the application of technology to develop or improve your products, processes or business models. The project should result in increased revenue or value-added in your company.

    How do I start?

    You will need a viable business plan that includes a strategic investment in technology innovation. Your business model should also be scalable and have strong growth potential.

    How much co-funding?

    You can use the grant to defray up to 50% or 70% of the costs of the technology project. Items which qualify for the grant include:

  • Manpower-related costs

  • Professional Services

  • Prototyping–related services

  • Technical Support Services (e.g. testing, certification)

  • Equipment, Materials & Consumables, and Software costs

  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)


    As part of the enhancement package to help businesses during the economic downturn, SMEs will be given higher funding support to embark on enterprise-level capability programmes. This applies to applications received between 1 February 2009 and 31 January 2010.

    Enterprise Level Project done by an individual SME Up to 70% support
    Consortium-level Project done by at least 3 companies, half of which must be SMEs

    Up to 50% support for all participants (including non-SMEs)

    Industry-level Consortium-level projects which can benefit other members of the industry

    Up to 70% support for all participants (including non-SMEs)

    Things to note

    Interested applicants should demonstrate a commitment to adopt technology innovation as part of its business strategy. A business model that is scalable, with a strong potential for growth, would be an advantage. The project must be carried out in Singapore.

    Who can apply?

    You may apply for the Technology Innovation Programme (TIP) if your company meets the following criteria :

  • registered or incorporated in Singapore

  • at least 30% of your shareholding is local

  • your company’s group fixed assets are below $15 million*

  • you have no more than 200 employees (for companies in the services sector)*

  • * Computed on a group basis i.e. checking up to three levels for corporate shareholders holding 20% or more of the total shareholding in the company and one level down, where the company holds more than 50% of the shareholding in a subsidiary company.

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