A2000 Solutions Pte Ltd is a Singapore accounting software developer; providing ERP solution, financial accounting software, sales and distribution software, point of sales, payroll and inventory management system that empowers small and medium sized companies.

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Strength of A2000 Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

A2000 are proud to be "partners-in-success" with our customers. Their success is our success. Their invaluable feedbacks have helped us to create one of the most power-packed system on the PC platform. Some had even went out of the way to write commendation letter for us. We are grateful for all their years of support. Here are highlights of what they say. . .

"we are glad to have bought A21 accounting software in 1999 and have been using it for more than 12 years. It was definitely the right choice because it is user-friendly and also reliable in handling heavy transactions... We know for sure that we can count on A2000 whenever we need to enhance our system to meet our business requirements or that of the regulators... For anyone who is in the market looking for accounting software, we will not hesitate to recommend A2000 Solutions which in our opinion is a reliable IT Vendor that has an accounting system that will grow together with your business." [See Letter]

Mr Kishin, Managing Director
Ess Kay Electronics Pte Ltd

"we are glad to have installed in our retail outlet AvantPOS Point of Sales System. It is now fully integrated to our backend accounting system, A21 Clarity-SQL... with this integration, our retail and accounting operation can generate financial & MIS reports easily... it has indeed improved the efficiency in our administration & accounts departments." [See Letter]

Mdm Tracy Lim, Director
Organic Basic LLP

"...we found that your system (AvantPOS) is not only user-friendly; it is also powerful in terms of generating our business management reports... AvantPOS allows us to synchronize directly to our backend accounting system automatically without any job duplication...they are many advanced features in AvantPOS as compared to many standalone POS system in the market. Besides increasing our productivity, we are now better able to control our inventory at our retail outlet." [See Letter]

Mr Aloysius Chia, Business Development Manager
Amazeal Pte Ltd

"...we would like to extend our appreciation especially to their support and helpdesk staff that is always helpful and patient assisting us in all the implementation and issues...we will therefore not hesitate to recommend A21 Accounting Software to anyone who is looking for a reliable accounting system that will grow together with their business..."
[See Letter]

Mdm. Lim Say Hong, Director
Atomic System & Design Pte Ltd

"...been using Clarity Accounting Software and we are pleased and satisfied with the performance of the software in terms of its overall reliability despite the high volume of transactions. The software also helps to generate different levels of reports for management and all division heads for monthly reviews for prompt decision making." [See Letter]

P. Sivapakkhim, Accounts Manager
Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group

It's been barely 2 months after implementation, we are glad that the software had meet our expectation. In fact, this software is as good as some of the ERP software, but only cost fraction... Their prompt technical support and after sales services had been excellent. [See Letter]

Mr Louis Leow, Senior Manager (Finance)
Five Stars Tours Pte Ltd

We observed a noticeable increased in productivity and efficiency after using the software which helps to reduce our costs, improve our working environment and prepare our company for future expansion. [See Letter]

Mr. Raymond Lim, General Manager
Mopi Pte Ltd

We are very satisfied with this software which is very easy to use, and the ability to generate various reports, making it a great business management tool.... We will definitely recommend other small and medium sized companies to your easy to learn yet powerful software package. [See Letter]

Ms. Nancy Chua, Director
Sunlight Papers Pte Ltd

Our accounting dept has been using the A21 SQL Accounting Software for many years. We wish to comment on the fact that despite our relatively high transaction volume, we are pleased and satisfied with the performance of the software in terms of its overall reliability and user-friendly features... [See Letter]

Ms. Chong Swee Hoon, Accounting Manager
Mandom Corp. (Singapore) Pte Ltd

A21 Accounting software has helped me in my daily accounting work. We are very satisfied on the easy to use software and the ability to generate various reports to customize our needs. [See Letter]

Ms. Yvonne - Accountant
JI Trading & Manufacturing Pte Ltd

After the warranty period we continue to sign their Annual Maintenance Contract without fail for the past four years.  Beside enjoying great discount being their loyal customer, we also enjoy continual support through their on-going enhancements. [See Letter]

Ms. Clara Ng, Finance & Admin Manager
Sorin Group Asia Pte Ltd

Recently, our experience with A21 on the integration to our head office's IBM AS-400 system prove that although A21 is a standard package, they also have the ability to meet our unique requirement when necessary. [See Letter]

Mr. Go Yarita, Director
Union Tool Singapore Pte Ltd

Although we found that your software is not a perfect one and some of the function and report presentation format still need to be improved and modified, but what impress us most is your excellent customer service. Secondly, your company takes the approach of building a partnership relationship with customers in a win-win policy. [See Letter]

Ms. Tay Siew Luan, Director
Epoxy and Equip. Technology Pte Ltd

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