A2000 Solutions Pte Ltd is a Singapore accounting software developer; providing ERP solution, financial accounting software, sales and distribution software, point of sales, payroll and inventory management system that empowers small and medium sized companies.

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Technical Announcements

21-Dec 2009 - A21 Evo-Financials ver 6.x is now an end-of-life product. This product will be replaced by A21 Clarity-SQL. There will not be further development of this product, but users can expect continual support till Dec 2012.
10-Dec 2009 - A21 Clarity-SQL now supports Windows 7.
23-Oct 2009 - A21 Clarity-SQL ver 9.0.0 is officially released; supporting the latest IRAS GST tax guidance on tax codes and IAF generation. Note that there are some changes in the tax coding requirement and report in GST Form 5. Also a slight modification to the Cash Book system.
02-Feb 2009 - A21 products upgraded to support Windows Vista.  is official
22-Dec 2008 - A21 Clarity-SQL improved on Inventory with MRP and Reserve Stock added. User access functions vastly increased for security.
16-Sep 2008 - New Archival Tool is released for archiving SQL Server based database, with processes shifted to server side. Result is it performs much faster
20-Oct 2007 - A21 Clarity-SQL ver 8.0 is released, packaged with MS SQL Server 2005 Express database.
17-Jul 2007 - Dongle based software license is now replaced with software-key.All versions of SmartLedger and Clarity-SQL are now soft-license based.
22-Apr 2004 - A21 Enterprise-SQL version 7.0 is released. A21 SME Edition is no longer supported and customer can have special option to upgrade to Evo-Financials.
13-Jul 2003 - A21 Enterprise-SQL version 6.0
19-Feb 2003 - A21 SmartLedger version 5.0 is officially released for the entry market
08-Apr 2002 - A21 Enterprise-SQL now release Version 500 after customer feedbacks
25-Feb 2002 - A21 Evo-Financials release Version 6.0 with many more security settings and user parameters. Officially support for Windows XP operating system.
22-Dec 2001 - Official launch of A21 Enterprise-SQL Version 2 that runs on MS SQL Server 2000 at the backend. A21 SME users can now upgrade to this version.
19-Sept 2001 - Official launch of A21 Evo-Financials Ver 5.0. Now supports only Windows 98SE and above. Windows Millennium Edition is officially supported. A21 SME uses can now migrate transparently to Evo-Financials
17-Apr 2001 - End-of-life announcement for A21 SME Version. No further development for this product but support will extend another 3 more years till Apr 2004.
16-Mar 2001 - New version of A21 Evo-Financials released. New interface that supports 800 px screens and back-end database running on Access-XP.
23-Feb 2000 - Upgrades in the RPT queries to speed up generation of document. Customers who need more speed can place order for new RPT formats
15-Jun 1999 - Major change in product cost recalculation to cater to unlimited decimals at unit price level. Customers upgrading to Version 2.5.8+ should do so after closing their audits as this may affect balance sheet stock and cost of sales numbers
04-Mar 1999 - A21 SME version 2.50 and above will discontinue support for Windows 95. All customers are advised to have at least Windows 98
02-Feb 1999 - From A21 SME version 2.2G and above, we are please to announce the compliance of our product as Y2K Compliant. For users of Windows NT, it is mandatory to upgrade to Service Pack 4.

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