A2000 Solutions Pte Ltd is a Singapore accounting software developer; providing ERP solution, financial accounting software, sales and distribution software, point of sales, payroll and inventory management system that empowers small and medium sized companies.

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Online Support Center

If you are an A21 customers, you can now reach our Tech Support Team by submitting an email/ticket or initiating a chat at our A2000 Online Support Center. There are tremendous benefits in using this online support center. Read HERE.

For Support, click :


Step 1 Login to A2000 Online Support Center at http://www.a21.sg/
If you had a registered account, simply log in. If not, you may create an account immediately.
Step 2 Enter your support issue on the web form
Step 3 Response from our Support staffs will come soon


In order for us to respond quickly to customers in need, the A2000 Support Center is strictly NOT ALLOWED to be used for training purpose. If you have a training question, we will direct you to our Knowledge Base. Read Here.

2 Some support issues are not related to A21 software and we cannot do anything about these. We may channel you to more appropriate resources. Read Here.  
3 The Online Support Center logs in the date & time the support request was raised. In case it is not closed in a timely manner, it gets escalated to the Managing Director. Without this, we cannot track how efficiently our customers are being served. Read Here.  


  1. We have dedicated Technical Administrators to man the Support Center. Previously everybody was in charge of handling all telephone calls; and the result - nobody was actually in charge.

  2. Tickets generated online are evidence that a case was reported and we endeavor to reply or close every ticket within 1 - 2 working days. This ensure accountability on our Support Center to reply to every customer's tickets.

  3. Verbal (or phone calls) methods, while faster, do not have the high degree of certainty that a support ticket provides; that someone from A2000 will reverting to you soon.

  4. A support ticket generated by a customer is visible to the entire Support Center, unlike a phone call where only 1 person knows the issue. We encourage anybody who is available to close the ticket you have input rather than that 1 person who could be a "bottle-neck".

  5. Many of the cases reported by users of report aberrations or error messages are in fact not problems. We have a Knowledgebase of case studies and user guidance that we can point users to, that will address concerns. The outcome will certainly be more ideal if users understand more deeply how A21 functions; something that a verbal phone call cannot address.

  6. While some users may have experienced "log-jams" or "non-return of calls" in the past, we are working towards making this method a smooth channel for you to be heard by our Support Center.

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At our Support Center, we address all issues submitted by customers. The issues brought up ranges from genuine problems to non-A21 issues. These non-A21 issues frequently hog our Help Desk affecting others with genuine concerns. Some examples (not an exhaustive list) that we faced daily are:

  • Teaching accounting principles to users; how to pass journals etc

  • Provide phone training for new users who did not undergo formal training

  • Resolving virus related issues

  • Re-install Windows operating system, printer drivers or service packs

  • Solving network, email and/or Internet connectivity problems

Combination of above can caused a "traffic jam" at times at our Support Center. Users with genuine needs ended up not getting the assistance they need. As we need to solve every issue(s) that relate to A21 usage, a proper mechanism to categorize the issues is imperative so we can apply appropriate level of urgency in dealing with them.

This is the purpose of our web based Support Center.

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In the past we encountered cases of communication gaps; where:-

  • Customer verbalize their issue(s) in one way and our support staff (in the best of intention) interpreted it in another. A case of "wrong prescription" can arise, resulting in aggravation of problem.

  • Every call is URGENT to the caller even though it may not be so. Handling these verbally does not allow us planning or prioritizing to meet the need of genuinely urgent cases.

  • Sometimes the calls are really URGENT. Such calls, if verbally communicated may be inadvertently dropped from the list to be handled.

Whichever way that happens, the result is not ideal. That is one of the reasons we migrated to an Online Support Center mechanism, which offers a clear and objective manner for issues to be raised and handled.

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The Support center is NOT designed to handle training calls.

We are very clear that it is to support users facing technical problems and not for user training. It will be too large a drain on resources; if we choose to accommodate such request, the cost of support will increase. This will be unfair to the majority of customers.

Having said that, we still want to help users who do not feel they need to be trained. We have a repository of "how-to-do" guides, frequently asked questions and cases studies that users can be channeled to when they write in to us through the Support Center.

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We allow Support Tickets to be sent via FAX at +65 6720 2987 - all you got to do is to submit your support request via fax and our admin staff will enter it into the Support Center for you.

A ticket will still be generated for you.

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